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Reel Gambler

You can spin away on all your favourite devices, from 25p.

This game is an old-school fruit machine – all the signature symbols are there. The most lucrative symbol is the ‘Reel Gambler’ which can offer a payout of up to 200x your stake!

This slot features a massive 7 features and a card fan gamble feature! These are:

    • Win Series – A series of reel wins are awarded to the player. This feature ends when you have a losing spin.
    • Multiplier – Stop on a random card between 2 and a Jack. This is the multiplier value (Jack = 10). This multiplier is then applied to your win!
    • Red Repeater – On a winning spin, select a random card from the card fan. If the card is red, the reels spin to the same award again and the prize is added to the total. This will continue until either 9 repeats have been awarded or the card is black.
    • Full house – The reels spin to a full house (5 lines of the same symbol) and you will be rewarded a prize!
    • Black to Black – Similar to Red Repeater but this time when you select a black card, the reels spin to a different, but higher, reel win! This continues until the jackpot is won or the card is red, ending the feature.
    • Stop a Fruit – When luck isn’t on your side and the reels stop on a combination where there are no wins or bonus symbols, the symbols will light up. Select one at random and the reels will then stop on a winning combination of the selected symbol!
    • Spin a Win – A random win is awarded!

Card Fan Gamble

All wins, including any from features, are transferred to the gamble display and may be gambled to the maximum payout value of 1000x your stake!

Are you feeling brave?