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Horse Racing & Greyhounds - Lucky Bonus

Place a Lucky 15, 31 or 63 & get up to 25% CASH BONUS if you win!

How to qualify:

  1. Place a Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Yankee, Canadian or Heinz on Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Virtual Horse racing or Virtual Greyhounds.
  2. If all your selections run and win, we’ll pay you a bonus in cash of up to 25% on your total winnings.

If you pick an all-correct Lucky 15/31/63, Yankee, Canadian or Heinz bet we’ll pay a 10% cash bonus on Lucky 15 and Yankee bets, a 20% cash bonus on Lucky 31 and Canadian bets and a 25% cash bonus on all-correct Lucky 63 and Heinz bets.

Terms & Conditions

Our general Betfred Terms and Conditions apply to this Offer in addition to the Significant Conditions below. If there is any conflict between the Significant Conditions and our general Terms and Conditions, the Significant Conditions will take precedence.

Significant Conditions

Who is eligible for this Offer?

  • New and existing verified online customers can take part.

How do you qualify?

  • Place a win or E/W Lucky 15/Yankee, Lucky 31/Canadian or Lucky 63/Heinz bet across Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Virtual Horses, or Virtual Greyhounds.

What will not qualify?

  • Bets that are voided do not count towards this offer.
  • Bets placed using existing Free Bet funds do not count.
  • Bets that are not all-correct will not count.

What will you receive?

  • 10% bonus to all-correct Lucky 15/ Yankee bets.
  • 20% bonus to all-correct Lucky 31/Canadian bets.
  • 25% bonus to all-correct Lucky 63/Heinz bets.

When will you be credited?

  • 10/20/25% bonus will be paid upon settlement of the final leg of your all-correct lucky 15/31/63 or Yankee/Canadian/Heinz bet.

Are there any other limitations you should know about?

  • All selections must run for the Bonus to apply.
  • All bonus payments are paid on winnings, no bonus is paid on stakes.
  • All bonus payments are at's discretion and can be amended or withdrawn at any time if we believe fraudulent or suspicious activity has taken place.
  • In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Betfred Management Team will be final and based on our Terms and Conditions.
  • Betfred reserve the right to exclude certain customers from this offer at our discretion due to internal risk policies and/or account staking restrictions. Customers will be notified separately if we have placed restrictions on their account.

Can we change or remove this Offer?

  • Betfred reserve the right to withdraw the promotion, if required, for reasons beyond our control, such as system failures or supplier withdrawal (not exhaustive). In the instance that this happens, we will endeavour to communicate any withdrawal in a timely manner.