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Win a Goliath Package!

Join Goliath 2024 at Grosvenor Casino Coventry from July 25 to August 4. Qualify through satellites starting at £1 and compete for packages valued at £1,750!


How to qualify:

  1. SEARCH for "Goliath" in the Betfred Poker lobby.
  2. PLAY in satellites starting at £1.
  3. WIN your seat or full package and join Team Betfred!

Join Team Betfred at Goliath 2024

Join us at Grosvenor Casino Coventry from July 25th to August 4th, 2024, for Goliath 2024 - one of the UK's premier poker events. Experience the thrill of live poker, where high stakes and fierce competition merge to create an atmosphere filled with excitement and camaraderie.

Win a Goliath Package Worth £1,750!

Secure one of our exclusive tournament packages and enjoy:

  • Main Event Buy-In: £200
  • Festival Credit: £550, usable in any side event
  • Travel and Expenses: £1,000 to cover your travel and accommodation needs

Qualifying for Goliath with Betfred

Earning your place at Goliath has never been more straightforward. Compete in our satellite tournaments and secure your spot on Team Betfred:

Satellites Buy-in Available Guarantee
Step 1: Win a £5 Ticket £1 Multiple Times Daily Varies, see Poker Lobby
Step 2: Win a £30 Ticket £5
Step 3: Win a £110 Ticket £30
35 GOLIATH PACKAGES (£110 Buy-in)
Date Day Time UK Prize Pool
16-Jun Sunday 20:30 4 Packages GTD (Day 2)
36-Jun Sunday 20:30 6 Packages GTD (Day 2)
30-Jun Sunday 20:30 7 Packages GTD (Day 2)
07-Jul Sunday 20:30 8 Packages GTD (Day 2)
14-Jul Sunday 20:30 10 Packages GTD (Day 2)
300 GOLIATH SEATS (£30 Buy-in)
Date Day Time UK Prize Pool
09-Jun Sunday 20:30 20 Seats GTD
16-Jun Sunday 20:30 25 Seats GTD
23-Jun Sunday 20:30 30 Seats GTD
30-Jun Sunday 20:30 50 Seats GTD
07-Jul Sunday 20:30 75 Seats GTD
14-Jul Sunday 20:30 100 Seats GTD

Be part of something great at Goliath 2024. Register now and let’s make history together in Coventry!

Terms & Conditions

Our general Betfred Terms and Conditions apply to this Offer in addition to the Significant Conditions below. If there is any conflict between the Significant Conditions and our general Terms and Conditions, the Significant Conditions will take precedence.

Significant Conditions

Who can take part?

  • New and existing verified online customers can take part.

Goliath 2024 – Live Event Dates & Location

  • Event Dates: 25/07/24 – 04/08/24.
  • Venue: Grosvenor Casino Coventry, UK.
  • Tournament: Goliath Main Event flights running from 27/07/24. Package/Seat winners are pre-registered for Flight G on 02/08/24 at 11:00 UK time.

What does the Package/Seat include?

  • Total Value of the package: £1,750, and includes:
    • Goliath Flight Main Event Buy-In: £200.
    • Goliath Festival Credit: £550 (can be used in any side event at the festival).
    • Spending Money: £1,000 for travel, accommodation and expenses.
  • Seat Info: Main Event Buy-In: £200 (no additional spending money included for seat-only winners).

How can you qualify?

  • Qualifier Schedule: 09/06/24 – 14/07/24.
  • Package Satellites: Include Freebuys, Step 1 satellites (£1 buy-in), Step 2 satellites (£5 buy-in), Step 3 satellites (£30 buy-in), and Final Step Day-1 satellites (£110 buy-in).
  • Flighted Tournaments Offering Packages: Daily "GOLIATH PACKAGE |X GTD|D1" and weekly "GOLIATH PACKAGE |X GTD|D2" on Sundays, with buy-in of £110 and 35 packages guaranteed.
  • Tournaments Offering Seats Only: Buy-in: £30, offering 300 seats across various dates.

Are there any other limitations you should know about?

  • Package and Seat Restrictions: All packages and seats are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Travel Requirements: Players are responsible for their own travel arrangements and ensuring they have valid passports and visas, if applicable.
  • Usage of Tickets: Tickets won are only valid for Goliath 2024 during the promotion and expire on 15/07/24.
  • Multiple Entries: If a player wins multiple packages or seats, they may re-enter Day 1 events if capacity allows, or use the £200 buy-in towards any side-event at the Goliath Festival.

Multiple Package/Seat Wins:

  • Re-Entry and Usage: Players winning multiple packages/seats can:
    • Re-enter any Day 1 event ("Goliath Flight") if there is capacity.
    • Use the £200 buy-in for any side-event at the Goliath Festival.
  • Stack Surrender: Players must surrender their stack from the first Day 1 flight if they want to play another flight.
  • First Seat Requirement: Players must play their first won seat. Additional seats can be transferred to another player if needed.
  • Seat/Credit Transfer:
    • Before the Event: Transfer requests must be submitted by 19/07/24.
    • At the Festival: Transfers can be done in person from 25/07/24.
  • Player Responsibility: It is the player's responsibility to use all won seats; otherwise, they will be forfeited.
  • No Refunds: Refunds will not be issued by Betfred Poker under any circumstances.

Can we change or remove this Offer?

  • We may remove and change this offer without notice. These changes will not affect any offer that you may have already Opted In to, or placed any qualifying bets towards, other than where this is necessary to prevent fraud or other similar unlawful behaviour.
  • Betfred reserve the right to withdraw the promotion, if required, for reasons beyond our control, such as system failures or supplier withdrawal (not exhaustive). In the instance that this happens, we will endeavour to communicate any withdrawal in a timely manner.