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Super Bar-X Game Changer

With 5 reels and 20 lines, this latest slot is based on the classic Super Bar-X game combined with Realistic Games’ Game Changer concept!

You can play on all your favourite platforms!

Game Changer Bonus Round

The game consists of two types of symbols, boxed and non-boxed:

  • Boxed: Wild, Super Bar-XTM, 7, Gold Bar, Bar, X and Take Prize.
  • Non-boxed: O.

The Bonus Round is awarded when a ‘Game Board’ is created by any combination of boxed symbols.

Any reel wins are added to the Total Win display before the feature starts. The Total Win display replaces the 3 ‘O’ symbols in the centre of the game board as these are not used.

The logo is replaced with a reel set consisting of 5 reels, each displaying 1 symbol (Super Reels). The default symbols are ‘O’s.

Any Take Prize squares are covered with an ‘X’ and the number 3. These will be ‘safe’ for the first 3 moves. The number will decrease after each move and the ‘X’ is removed when zero is reached. The Take Prize squares then become active.