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Dragons Luck

Dragon's Luck is set in a mystical world of Chinese dragons against a stunning backdrop of mountains and forest.

Magical, mysterious and full of promise, the slot introduces exciting special features triggered by the dragon coin and mega coin symbols.

Stone dragons guarding the reels come to life for winning combinations, breathing fire and shuffling the winning tiles for even bigger wins.

This traditional Chinese themed slot features polished graphics, an elegant soundtrack and exciting gameplay with the potential for some seriously big wins.


Dragon Coin

Dragon Coins represent the main anticipation feature of the game and appear frequently. When the reels stop, Dragon Coins spin simultaneously and repeatedly to reveal the same tile behind each Coin… but which symbol will they rest on?

Dragon’s Help

The Dragons observe the game, randomly animating and breathing fire, causing Dragon Coins to spin again and again into higher value symbols and bigger wins.

Mega Coin

When the mega coin or any part of it lands on the reels, the Dragons breathe fire and transform it into multiple Dragon Coins and major winnings.

Mega Fortune

A board covered in super lucky 138 symbols means a massive 1380x stake payout, the Dragon’s Luck Mega Fortune!