Beat the Clock!

**Beat the clock - 30 Minute Limit

30 Minute Limit | Meet Dave | Betfred Sports

It only takes half an hour to win it, with 30 Minute Limit!

The Football coupon that rewards you for predicting which matches will see a goal in the opening half an hour! It only takes half an hour to win it with 30 Minute Limit!.

You can’t score too early with 30 Minute Limit at

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**Beat the clock - 20 Minutes to Win It

Beat the Clock - Betfred Sports

Win plenty if you beat the clock in 20!

Simply choose a minimum of three games where you think there will be a goal in the closing 20 minutes and, if there is, you will be in for some very tasty returns!

Correctly select three games for odds of 9/2 choose four for 8/1 and predict five for a massive 14/1!

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