Social Rules

We want social media to be a friendly and relaxed environment. We’re not on Facebook or Twitter to hammer you with marketing or constantly try to get you to sign up for new stuff. We’re on there to talk to you, answer your questions, supply you with news, tell you about things you might be interested in and really just enjoy ourselves (we really do enjoy it!).

We want you all to enjoy it too, and have free-roam to say what you want. You can slag us off if you need to (we’ll try and sort out your problem of course). We know we’re not perfect but the only way we can fix our problems is if you guys tell us about them.

However, please stick to the following rules. We’ve come up with them to help ensure that our social media pages and accounts are friendly and welcoming to all, and so that everyone knows where they stand with promotions, offers and deals.

The following terms and conditions apply to content, promotions, apps and tabs on Betfred’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Terms & Conditions