Responsible Gambling

Self-Exclusion Procedure

On request, Betfred will close any customer’s account(s) for a minimum period of six months and for any period up to 12 months in our shops and up to five years on During the agreed period of time and for their own protection, the customer will be unable to place any bets nor will the customer be allowed to revoke the agreement. Betfred will remove the customer's name from our mailing and marketing lists and will do everything it can to prevent a new account from an excluded customer from being reopened during the period of self-exclusion.

Self-exclusion process for

In order to self-exclude yourself, you will need to inform in writing of your intentions by emailing us at When you email us please include your PF Number, account username, your full name and address (including Postcode) as well as the period of time you would like to self-exclude for. Please note, by sending an email you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I understand that this exclusion applies to the above account only and not to any of the Betfred retail units or the remote services of any other operator. I accept that I need to contact other operators should I wish to be excluded from any accounts that I may hold with them.

At the end of the agreed period I understand that I can contact customer services to review this request and either renew it for a further six months or decide that further self-exclusion is unnecessary. If I decide not to renew the agreement I understand that I will be required to agree to a 24-hour ‘cooling off’ period before I can resume gambling.

I understand that will take all reasonable measures and use checking procedures available to them to support this exclusion but the responsibility remains with me to comply with this agreement. I release, its manager(s) and employees from any liability or claim in the event that I fail to comply with this voluntary exclusion or continue to gamble, or open new accounts, with, Betfred or other operators.

Self-exclusion process for Betfred Shops

If you bet with us in our shops you will need to print and send in your completed Self Exclusion Form for shops to Customer Services, Betfred, The Spectrum. 56-58 Benson Road. Birchwood, WA3 7PQ.

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions given on the Shop Self Exclusion Form carefully and note that you will need to provide a clear and up to date photo of yourself.

Alternatively, you can contact our customer service department and they will advise you on how you can proceed with any request.

The implementation of a request to self-exclude will be confirmed to you via email or any other stated preferred method of communication. This confirmation will include specific information on the process and the consequences of self-exclusion, including the point at which self-exclusion has commenced.

Please bear the following in mind:

  • A self-exclusion agreement cannot be revoked.
  • A self-exclusion agreement will be implemented with effect from the date detailed on the implementation communication you receive from our customer services team.
  • Do you have other accounts you wish to be excluded from?
  • Do you visit Betfred shops that you would wish to be excluded from?
  • This agreement only applies to, if you have accounts with other operators you may consider excluding yourself from those operators.
  • It would help to support such an agreement if any subsequent changes of personal details (e.g. name, address and postcode) were given to our customer services team at to allow records to be updated.
  • If you wish to resume gambling after the exclusion period expires, you must contact the customer services department to facilitate this course of action.
  • Once an agreement to recommence gambling after a period of exclusion has been reached, you will be required to wait 24 hours before you will be allowed to resume gambling.

Our customer services team will be available to discuss any aspect of this process or the implications of it.

Download this form if you bet with us on

Download this form if you bet with us in our Retail Shops