How can I check what bets I’ve placed?

In order to check your bets or balance history, please click the blue and white silhouette button in the top right hand corner of the main Betfred webpage after you have logged in. Here you will see the option of “Statement.” Change the “search criteria” drop down box and the “date” criteria for your request, then hit “View Statement.”

Are there any other ways in which I can bet?

If you find that online betting is not for you then you have the option to place your bets by phone. If you ring our Free Phone line on 0800 73 11 210, one of our helpful operators will talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can visit one of our betting shops. For details of where to find Betfred betting shops please contact our customer services department at

Do I receive confirmation of my bet?

Once you have clicked the 'place bet' button on your bet slip, a message will appear at the bottom of the slip indicating if your bet was placed successfully or not. You can also check on your bet by looking at the 'Bets placed' section on the 'My Account' pages.

General Rules


These rules are intended to define the terms and conditions that apply to all wagers accepted by us at They cover maximum winnings, our range of bets and betting opportunities. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of these rules and the terms upon which your wagers are accepted. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time, with any such amendments being displayed on this website. Please note that any additional information detailed at the top or bottom of events and odds displays forms part of the betting rules. In the event of any disparity, please note that any such additional information will supercede our betting rules.

We consider these rules to be fair and should you require any advice regarding these rules please contact our customer services team on 0800 783 9146 or email Our team is there to help you and it is in everybody’s interests to ensure that queries and disputes are settled as quickly and amicably as possible. The customer services team will endeavour to provide prompt and considerate attention to errors and disputes. are registered with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (I.B.A.S.) who will help to resolve disputes which cannot be resolved satisfactorily between ourselves and customers within a reasonable length of time. Their decision will be binding upon us.

If, after the conclusion of this process, you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you may refer your complaint to the Gambling Commissioner at the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Any such complaint will only be accepted on a fully completed Complaint Resolution Request Form and such a submission will be considered in line the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner Complaint Resolution Procedure. is licensed, and regulated, by the Government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and, as such, the financial robustness and trading history of the Company has passed rigorous inspection. The Company has no policy therefore of transferring any customer funds held to a separate holding account.

Betfred reserves the right to disclose personal information when required by law,'s regulator, a government department or agency or other regulatory authority (whether or not having the force of law) where Betfred has a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with, but not limited to, a current judicial proceeding, a court order, an order from's regulator, a police enquiry, a legal process correctly served or an investigation in to the integrity of any sporting event.

1. Acceptance of Internet Wagers

  1. At we reserve the right to decline all, or part, of any bet.
  2. Bets are only accepted online and are not accepted in any other form.
  3. It is the sole responsibility of our customers to ensure they place their bets correctly. Once bets have been confirmed by our system they cannot be altered or cancelled.
  4. The ‘To Win’ calculation is for information only, and all bets will be calculated using the stake/risk at the odds accepted. In multiple bets/parlays with a void selection(s) the ‘To Win’ figure is reduced accordingly.
  5. A bet will only be deemed as valid once a transaction code has been issued. The code will be displayed straight after the bet has been placed and can also be viewed in the ‘My Account’ screens.
  6. Should a dispute arise, you and agree that the transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in such matters.
  7. All prices are subject to change and are fixed only when a bet is struck. Should there be an obvious pricing error or system failure which leads to incorrect prices, lines or handicaps being displayed, any bets taken at these prices will be deemed void and all bets cancelled including multiples.. To establish the correct price at time of placement should there be a dispute, will consider industry prices available in the general market at the time the wager was placed. Should the error be noticed before the event is due to take place every effort will be made by the team to inform all those customers who have placed a wager.
  8. Prices are not accepted on any un-named favourites.
  9. has the right to suspend or cease trading on a market at any time without notice.
  10. Any person or group of persons acting in an attempt to defraud will have their bets voided.
  11. Withholding of funds.
  12. reserves the right to void any, or all wagers made by any person or group of persons acting in an attempt to defraud the company where there is evidence of price, race, match or event rigging or breach of a rule applied by the governing body of the sport concerned .Where evidence exists of rigging or some other act which has unfairly affected the result, or where there is evidence of a series of wagers each containing the same selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, Betfred reserves the right to make wagers void or withhold payment of returns pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation.
  13. If a customer owes any money to for any reason, we have the right to take that into account before making any other payments to that customer.
  14. Should a bet be inadvertently accepted after the ‘off’ (unless placed on a live in-play market) the bet will stand providing the outcome is not known and that no team/participant has gained any advantage (e.g., a goal scored or a player being sent off). If the outcome is known, or an advantage deemed to have been gained, reserves the right to void any bets taken in error, win or lose. All times displayed on the web are UK times unless otherwise stated.
  15. will pay all winnings into the customer’s betting account. At any point should a customer’s account be credited incorrectly reserves the right to void any transactions involving the incorrect settlement.
  16. accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with the website or its content; including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any person’s misuse of the site or its content or any errors or omissions in content.
  17. Bets are processed in the order they are received.
  18. reserves the right to close or suspend a customer’s account at any time.
  19. Should a customer place a multiple bet and any selections become void or are deemed a non-runner the bet will be settled on the remaining selections.
  20. Certain Sports, for example Horse Racing, have specific rules relating to the acceptance of Ante-Post bets and they will apply as detailed. For Sports where no such rule is detailed, and in the absence of any special conditions being advertised, any bets placed in advance of any event taking place will be deemed to have been accepted on the basis of “All in, compete or not”. Accordingly, in the event of non participation, stakes will be lost and no ‘rule 4’ deductions will be made from winning bets.

2. Betting in play

  1. Customers should be aware that certain 'live' feeds, be they on TV, radio or the internet are subject to delays and as such they may be watching an event slightly behind or slightly ahead of other users. This includes live streaming provided by
  2. A 'delay' is placed on all betting in play bets, the length of which varies depending on the sport. If a price changes during the delay between clicking 'bet' and the bet actually being placed, the customer will be given the option of placing the bet at the new price or not placing the bet at all. Similarly, any live scores displayed on the site during a bet in play event are for guidance purposes only.
  3. reserves the right to void any bets struck once the outcome of an event is known. Should a bet be placed at an incorrect price due to delayed ‘Live’ coverage of an event and where a team has gained a significant advantage as stated above bets will be voided, win or lose.
  4. Prices on all selections change regularly to reflect fluctuations in the market or changes in the events themselves, such as a goal being scored. In some cases, the price/handicap may change between the time a customer puts their bet on the bet slip and the time the bet is placed by the customer.
  5. If the current price/handicap is lower than the price on the bet slip then the customer will be asked to confirm whether they wish to place the bet at the current price. For example, if the price on the bet slip is 7/2 but the current price is 3/1, the customer will be asked to confirm that they still wish to place their bet at 3/1.
  6. If the current price/handicap is higher than the price on the bet slip when the customer goes to place their bet, then the bet will be placed at the current price. For example, if the price on the bet slip is 10/1 but the current price is 12/1 the bet will be placed at 12/1.
  7. Should a wager be accepted after the start of an event, and the ‘in play’ market reflect a price for that market, the ‘in play’ price at the time of acceptance will deem the wager ‘valid’ and the wager will be settled accordingly. Should there not be any ‘in play’ market, and the wager accepted after the start of the event (including any ‘grace’ time), the wager will be deemed ‘void’ win or lose, and stakes returned.

3. Maximum Payouts

All limits are inclusive of any special bonus payments and apply to any one customer, or group of customers acting together, who have backed the same combination of selections, including where placed in a series of bets, at a range of prices, over a number of days using different betting accounts and/or across different betting channels. Should we have reason to believe that a number of bets have been placed this way, the total payment of all those bets combined will be limited to one single maximum payout.. It is important to bear the following amounts in mind as we cannot be responsible for bringing them to your attention at the time the wager is placed.

(N.B. in multiple bets using selections in mixed groups of sports with different maximum payout limits the lower group limit will apply if more than one group is involved.

Horse Racing

  1. £500,000 – where all selections are for horse racing in the U.K. or Ireland, and covered by a full service (betting shows, offs, and results broadcast by S.I.S. and displayed on this website)
  2. £50,000 – for all overseas horse racing, or where any of the selections are not covered by a full service (as detailed above)
  3. £250,000 – For Ante-Post racing
  4. £50,000 – Forecast Doubles, Trebles and Fourfold
  5. £50,000 – Virtual Horses
  6. £50,000 – Tricast Doubles
  7. TOTEPOOL – There is No Limit to any totepool bets processed via our TOTE DIRECT terminals.
  8. TOTE BETS – (INCLUDING BETS STRUCK AT FOREIGN TOTE RETURNS) Our limit is £250,000 to any one person or syndicate in any one day. It should be noted that we are unable to process ‘Scoop 6’, Jackpot and Place Only betting without being able to connect directly to Totepool.


Limits apply depending on which tracks are involved.

  1. GROUP A: £250,000 to any B.A.G.S. meeting covered in full (betting shows, offs and results broadcast by S.I.S. and displayed on this website) or by Sky Sports.
  2. GROUP B: £100,000 Greyhound Racing covered by Sky Sports or UK terrestrial TV(any track).
  3. GROUP C: £25,000 to the following tracks: Crayford, Hove, Romford, Wimbledon.
  4. GROUP D: £10,000 to the following tracks: Belle Vue, Monmore, Sunderland,Nottingham,Newcastle.
  5. GROUP E: £2,500 any other track.
  6. £50,000 – Forecast Doubles, Trebles and Yankee
  7. £50,000 – Virtual Greyhounds
  8. (N.B. in multiple bets with selections in mixed Groups ( tracks), the lower group limit will apply if more than one group is involved, any bet accepted in error and not covered in any of the above will be deemed void, win or lose).


  1. £500,000 – For all main European Leagues (English Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2, Scottish Premier League, Champions League, La Liga Primera, Serie A, Bundesliga and Le Championnat Premiere), FA Cup, English League Cup and International Matches and Competitions.
  2. £100,000 – For Scottish Leagues 1,2 and 3, Europa League and Main European Leagues (see above) National Cup Competitions.
  3. £50,000 – For Minor Leagues, not stated above and Domestic Trophies not mentioned previously.
  4. £10,000 – For all Australian Soccer.


£250,000 – For all golf tournaments.

Other Sports

£100,000 – i.e., rugby, cricket, boxing, tennis and any other Sport not listed independently.

Numbers Betting


Novelty Bets



PLEASE NOTE: The maximum payout to any one customer in any one day is determined by the day on which the final race/event is resolved, rather than the day each individual wager is placed.

Group E

(N.B. in multiple bets with mixed tracks, the lower group limit will apply if more than one group is involved, any bet accepted in error and not covered in any of the above will be deemed void, win or lose).

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum payout to any one customer in any one day is determined by the day on which the final race/event is resolved, rather than the day each individual wager is placed.

4. Bonus Payments

Bonuses are only paid to bets placed at fixed odds or SP, Super Bonuses are paid to a minimum stake unit of 20p. They do not apply to Tote dividend bets or free bets. Due to our system parameters, we are unable to accept any permed Lucky 15/31/63, Yankee, Canadian or Heinz bets via our website. All selections must run in order for the odds bonus to apply.

Bonus payments will apply according to the following terms and conditions:

(a) Lucky 15/31/63 and Yankee, Canadian, Heinz bets on horses and greyhound racing:

  1. Treble odds to one winner on Lucky 15s with no other return on the bet.
  2. 4 x the odds to one winner on Lucky 31s with no other return on the bet.
  3. 5 x the odds to one winner on Lucky 63s with no other return on the bet.
  4. 10% bonus to all-correct Lucky 15/Yankee bets.
  5. 20% bonus to all-correct Lucky 31/Canadian bets.
  6. 25% bonus to all-correct Lucky 63/Heinz bets.
  7. Bonuses on Super Bonus Races are standard at:
    1. 15% Lucky 15s
    2. 50% Lucky 31s
    3. 100% Lucky 63s

(b) Lucky 15/31/63 and Yankee, Canadian, Heinz bets on other sports:

  1. Double odds to one winner on Lucky 15/31/63 bets with no other return on the bet
  2. 10% bonus to all-correct Lucky 15/Yankee bets.
  3. 20% bonus to all-correct Lucky 31/Canadian bets.
  4. 25% bonus to all-correct Lucky 63/Heinz bets.

(c) Lucky 15/31/63 and Yankee, Canadian, Heinz bets on Numbers betting:

  1. No bonus will be paid on any Numbers bet.

All bonus payments are paid on winnings. No bonus payments will be paid on stakes.

All bonus payments are at's discretion and can be amended or withdrawn at any time if we believe fraudulent or underhand activity has taken place.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to offer and advertise from time to time promotions, bonuses or other special offers and each such offer will be subject to specific terms and conditions which will be valid for a limited period of time. In connection with the specific terms of the above promotions, bonus and special offers, we further reserve the right to withhold any withdrawal amount from your account which will be in excess of your original deposit. In addition, we reserve the right to withhold or otherwise decline or reverse any pay-out or winning amount or amend any policy in the event that we suspect that you are abusing or attempting to abuse any of the following: (i) bonuses; (ii) other promotions.

5. Settlement of wagers / double result.

All bets placed on UK and Irish horse racing will be settled on First Past the Post and the official result. This offer applies to win and each-way singles and multiple bets to a maximum payout of £5000.00. The exceptions where First Past the Post does not apply, and bets are only settled according to the official result are:

  1. A selection taking the wrong course.
  2. A selection carrying the wrong weight or the jockey failing to weigh-in.
  3. Any Ante Post bet.
  4. A Forecast or Tri-cast bet.
  5. A void race.
  6. Any Tote / Pari - Mutuel bet.
  7. A selection given as the winner in error by the judge.
  8. A bet placed on a two-runner race or a special match bet.
  9. A bet placed in a “without the favourite” market.
  10. Any other special market.
  11. The Grand National at Aintree.

There are additions to the above list.

Horse racing bets placed on non-UK/Irish meetings are settled on the official result declared by the racecourse judge and confirmed by the ‘Weighed-In’ announcement. If a winner is disqualified after the official result is announced, the disqualification will not affect the settlement of bets.

In the case of Greyhound racing, bets are settled on the official result announced at the conclusion of the event. If a winner is disqualified after the official result is announced, the disqualification will not affect the settlement of bets.

In the case of Football and other Sports, bets are settled on the official result published by the Press Association (PA), immediately after the match/event is finished. If the PA amends its decision after this period, all bets will stand on their original result.

If the result is not immediately available from the PA, the result published by the official governing body immediately after the match/event is finished will be used for settling purposes. Any subsequent corrections or amendments to this result will not apply for settlement purposes.

The Double Result concession is subject to a maximum payout enhancement of £5,000 above the original settlement amount had the concession not been applied. For example if the true settlement was £3,000 the revised settlement after applying the concession will be subject to a maximum of £8,000.

If a selection in a single bet is made void the stake will be returned.

Void selections in multiple/accumulator bets will be treated as non-runners and the stake will run onto the remaining selections in the bet.

6. Settlement of bets.

Betfred will endeavour to settle all markets as soon as possible. Betfred normally settle horse markets soon after the result is known, and football within a short time of the match finishing whenever possible.

For all the markets Betfred offer, it is very important that we seek proper and official confirmation, and correct results at all times. To this end, Betfred will often check a number of different sources. If these sources differ, there may be a slight delay while we seek confirmation of the official result.

7. Enhanced Prices for Multiple Bets.

In cases where Betfred offer an enhanced price for multiple bets, such as doubles or trebles, any non-runners will be treated as void selections. For example, a treble with a non-runner will be settled as a double on the remaining selections. The prices for the remaining selections will be based on the advertised prices and not any enhanced odds. These wagers are accepted as single wagers with one price, doubles and upwards are not accepted.

8. Related Contingencies

With the exception of ‘scorecasts’ (where a specific price is offered) related bets may not be combined where the result of one selection influences the outcome of the others, i.e. Manchester United to win in 90 minutes and Manchester United to win 2-1 is not permitted in a double. Any such wager accepted in error will be settled with the full stake being placed on the outcome with the biggest price attached to it from the “related bet”.

9. Dead Heats

Where two runners dead heat, half the stake money is lost and the full odds paid on the other half of the stake money. If more than two runners dead heat the stake is proportioned accordingly. If two runners dead heat for second (or third) place then those runners are deemed to have finished joint second and third (or joint third and fourth) etc., with place bets being settled accordingly.

10. Prohibited jurisdictions

Betfred does not accept accounts from residents of, USA, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, France or Estonia.

For other jurisdictions, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that any activity with us does not breach the laws relating to betting of the country or state where the individual is based. Under no circumstances will be liable for any breach of state or country law that may occur as a result of an individual’s usage of our website. We reserve the right to close any such account and void all bets immediately if the opening of an account or the acceptance or processing of bets has taken place, mistakenly or otherwise.

11. Rule changes

The Company reserves the right to amend these sports betting rules at any time. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately on posting of notification of such rule changes on the web site.

12. Price Rigging.

Where there is evidence of price, race, match or event rigging, we reserve the right to make bets void or withold settlement of bets pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation.

How do I cancel a bet?

It states in our rules that all bets are final once placed and customers are responsible for all bets placed. In the interest of customer service, however, if the team at Betfred are contacted well before the start of the event then they will make every effort to rectify any mistakes where possible. E-mail:

How do I place a bet on more than one event selection?

To place a Multiple bet you need to follow the instructions listed above for a single bet placement. Instead of adding your stake and clicking the 'place bet' button you need to select another event that you wish to bet on and click on the selection desired. The bet slip will automatically display with all the selections you have made and list all the bets available to you. If you require further explanations as to the types of Multiples on offer please visit our Bet Types section.

Alternatively, you can use a coupon and check the boxes for all the selections you wish to bet on. Click the 'add to bet slip' button at the bottom of the page and the bet slip will display with all the bets available to you. Enter your stake and click the 'Place Bet' button. If you require any assistance in placing a multiple bet please contact

How do I place a Forecast or Tricast bet?

These bets are only available on horse and greyhound racing. To place a forecast / Exacta / Tricast / Trifecta bet then please select the tab at the top of the race that you wish to do and then select the 1st placed and 2nd placed or use the A/O (Any Order or Combination) and then enter the stake at the bottom of the screen. If you require any assistance in placing a forecast or tricast bets please contact

How do I place a single bet?

Select the sport, competition or event from our unique navigation bar. You then have three options to place your bet. You can either click on the selection, i.e. the participant in the event, the odds or check the box and click 'add to bet slip' at the bottom of the page. Doing any of these three options will automatically display your bet slip.

With some sports such as horse racing and outright markets you can bet 'each way' which means two separate bets on the selection to win and be placed. You can also select the 'Starting Price' or SP.

Add your desired stake into the box, at this point the slip will display your potential winnings, then simply click the 'place bet' button. You will receive a confirmation of whether your bet is successful or not. If you require any assistance in placing a single bet please contact


What is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service?

Betfred is a member of I.B.A.S., an independent third party organisation, which offers adjudication for customers who have any unresolved disputes with a bookmaker.

I.B.A.S. Commitment

  • To guarantee impartiality and fairness to both parties.
  • To look at each case independently.
  • To adjudicate each case on its merits, taking into account bookmakers' rules.
  • To manage a comprehensive, up-to-date register of bookmakers who as members, have declared an intention to abide by I.B.A.S. rulings on betting disputes.
  • To maintain a panel of experts (unconnected with the bookmaking industry) possessing the necessary experience and understanding to provide authoritative adjudication.
  • To give the appropriate amount of care and attention to all disputes.
  • To ensure confidentiality regarding all communications at all times during the adjudication process.

How does I.B.A.S. work?

Disputes are referred to the service via a standard I.B.A.S. adjudication form on which full details of the dispute should be provided. I.B.A.S. does not under any circumstances rule on disputes in person or over the telephone.

What is the procedure for ruling on a disputed bet?

Only when the Service Manager is completely satisfied that all other methods of resolving a dispute have been exhausted, will our panel of experts be instructed to offer their adjudication.

Customer calls the I.B.A.S. number +44 (0) 207 881 2690 available 24 hours a day - requesting an adjudication form.

Customer carefully completes the form with all relevant information/evidence. On receipt of the form, the Service Manager will, if he considers it appropriate, refer the dispute to the I.B.A.S. panel for adjudication. On completion of the panel's adjudication, both parties will be informed in writing of the decision.

Is an I.B.A.S. ruling enforceable?

All bookmakers operating within I.B.A.S. are registered with the service and have declared an intention to abide by an I.B.A.S. ruling. Any bookmaker registered who fails to fulfil that commitment will be removed from the register.

I.B.A.S. Aims/Objectives

  • To strive for a better understanding between bookmakers and their customers.
  • To campaign for consistency, clarity and fairness in the rules by all the bookmakers.
  • To advise both bookmakers and customers of common types of invalid or unacceptable bets in an attempt to reduce the number of disputes.
  • To encourage registered bookmakers to display the I.B.A.S. symbol on their premises, or website, demonstrating their commitment to the customer.
  • To seek continual improvement to I.B.A.S. for the benefit of both customers and bookmakers.